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ADSS Optical Cable Spiral Anti-vibration Whip

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Price: $ 2 / PCS

Spiral  anti-vibration whip is made of engineering  plastic with high strength,aging  resistance  and elasticity.It is ono-metal material,so there os no mechanical damage  to optical cable.

Spiral  anti-vibration whip is widely used in ADSS optical cable.It  is copposed of a short holding section and a long anti-vibration section.The holding section could hold  optical cable effectively,and fix the spiral  anti-vibration whip on the cable firmly;anti-vibration section could has damping effect through collide  each other of  optical cables,consume the vibration energy  of optical cable so it could weaken the aeolian vibration of optical  cable.


Type Available Dia.of Cable(mm) Length(mm) Ref.Weight(kg)
HW 0830 126 6.35-8.29 1260 0.22
HW 1170 130 8.30-11.70 1300 0.28
HW1430 135 11.71-14.30 1350 0.30
HW 1930 167 14.31-19.30 1670 0.66


ADSS optical cable Spiral anti-vibration whip

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