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Laying principles of overhead optical cable lines in communication optical cable projects

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Laying principles of overhead optical cable lines in communication optical cable projects

Briefly introduce the related construction technology of overhead optical cable lines in communication optical cable projects. Communication optical cable is a communication transmission medium with a relatively wide range of applications and a very broad development prospect. Due to the advantages of stable performance and other advantages, laying overhead optical cables in communication optical cable projects is an important means to strengthen the load capacity of optical cable components and improve the signal transmission rate.

Compared with traditional cables, the anti-interference ability of aerial optical cables is stronger, the information capacity that can be transmitted is relatively large, and the construction cost is relatively low, so the cost performance is relatively high, and it has strong practicability, which is conducive to promoting the development and progress of my country's communication industry. significant. In order to improve the quality and speed of communication optical cables, construction personnel should clarify the technical points and construction requirements when carrying out related work on overhead optical cable lines, and formulate scientific laying plans.

(1) Economical

During the construction of overhead optical cable lines, construction personnel should adhere to the principle of economy. Compared with traditional cables, aerial optical cables have the advantages of strong adaptability and low economic cost. The construction time and material cost are effectively reduced by building a pole tower outside.

(2) Flexibility

Aerial optical cables can adapt to various natural environments, suitable for dedicated network optical cable lines, some special local areas, and optical fiber cores used in trunk lines, which can meet branch access requirements and long-term use requirements under general conditions. In order to ensure the construction quality of the communication optical cable project, the construction personnel should adhere to the principle of flexibility when planning the overhead optical cable line.

(3) Security

In addition to being easily affected by natural disasters such as floods and typhoons, overhead optical cables are also prone to weakening of their mechanical strength,

Some external factors fail, so the construction personnel should design the overhead optical cable line laying plan based on the principle of integrity.

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