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ODF Optical Fiber Distribution Frame Rack mount

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Headway ODF Unit Box is 19’ standard cabinet with features of high density and large
capacity. The splice module would be installed with all front operation. It is suitable for FC,
SC, LC, ST adaptor; ribbon, bundle and non-ribbon optical cable. The height has 2U,3U
and 4U to meet customers’ requirement for 24C,48C,72C, 96 Core, 144 Core.
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ODF Series


-  1 9’ /21’ standard installation structure

-  Suitable for ribbon optical cable or non-ribbon optical fiber

-  SC, FC, ST, Duplex LC adapters

-  Splice module can be taken out, easy to operate

-  Pre-installation, built-in pigtails optional

Splice Module can be used for fiber splicing, fiber distribution, fiver storage. It is

divided into two layers, the top layer for melting and the bottom layer for wiring

plate. It is the main functional components of ODF.

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