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Common optical cable classification

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Common optical cable classification

There are many ways to classify.

1. According to the different transmission performance, distance and use, optical cables can be divided into user optical cables, local telephone optical cables, long-distance optical cables and submarine optical cables.

2. According to the different types of optical fibers used in optical cables, optical cables can be divided into single-mode optical cables and multi-mode optical cables.

3. According to the number of optical fiber cores in the optical cable, the optical cable can be divided into single-core optical cable, double-core optical cable, etc.

4. According to the different configuration methods of the strength members, the optical cable can be divided into the central strength member cable, the scattered strength member cable, the sheath strengthening member cable and the comprehensive outer sheath cable.

5. According to the different conditions of transmission conductors and media, optical cables can be divided into metal-free optical cables, ordinary optical cables, and integrated optical cables (mainly used for railway dedicated network communication lines).

6. According to different laying methods, optical cables can be divided into pipeline optical cables, direct buried optical cables, overhead optical cables and underwater optical cables.

7. According to different structures, optical cables can be divided into flat structure optical cables, stranded optical cables, skeleton optical cables, armored optical cables and high-density user optical cables.

In general practical life applications, there are simple classifications: direct fiber optic cable and leather wire, fiber optic cable split tube and layer twist, leather wire, indoor and outdoor division, and the difference in the number of cores

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