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How to choose a fiber optic cable

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How to choose a fiber optic cable

The selection of optical cable is not only based on the number of optical fibers and the type of optical fiber, but also the structure and outer sheath of the optical cable according to the use environment of the optical cable.

1. Direct buried

When the outdoor optical cable is directly buried, loose armored optical cable should be used. When overhead, a loose-sheathed fiber optic cable with black PE outer sheath with two or more reinforcing ribs can be used.

2. Sheath properties

When selecting the optical cable used in the building, the tight sleeve optical cable should be selected and attention should be paid to its flame retardant, toxic and smoke characteristics. Generally, the flame-retardant but smoke-free type (Plenum) or the flammable and non-toxic type (LSZH) can be used in the pipeline or forced ventilation, and the flame-retardant, non-toxic and smoke-free type (Riser) should be used in the exposed environment.

3.Vertical or horizontal

When cabling vertically or horizontally in the building, you can choose the tight-sleeve optical cable, distribution optical cable or branch optical cable that is common in the building.

4. SM or MM

Select single-mode and multi-mode optical cables according to network application and optical cable application parameters. Usually indoor and short-distance applications are dominated by multi-mode optical cables, and outdoor and long-distance applications are dominated by single-mode optical cables.

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