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Network Installation and Management

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Leave network installation and management to INS.  One of the major challenges faced by network engineers today is ensuring that network designs will provide the speed andNetwork Installation and Management reliability for today’s needs and for years to come.

INS will help take the “risks” out of the network design. The proper design and implementation will allow for infrastructure reliability, performance, and future growth.

INS provides structured cabling for; data, voice, security, cctv, audio, and more.


What is Network Installation and Management?

Your computer network is the backbone of your operation. It needs to be reliable, secure and manageable. Networking installation and management services from INS can help you upgrade an existing network or design and install a new one.

Networking installation and management starts with understanding your short- and long-term business plans. Once we understand how your business needs to operate, we help you choose and configure the type and number of computers, servers and devices you’ll need to accomplish your goals. We can suggest the appropriate equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls and more. Our custom networking installation and management plan will be designed and implemented to support your business plan and budget. You should experience marked improvements on your bottom line once your IT network is configured to meet your business objectives.

INS’s network installation and management services include the following and more:

  • Computer network installation and services

  • Wireless network services and support

  • Mobile device support Server installation and support

  • Network security

  • Network integration services

  • Computer cabling

  • Hardware and software purchasing and installation

Our professional networking design and configuration services ensure your network processes data as fast and efficiently as possible. We also assess whether you have the right level of security in place. INS IT certified technicians can help you identify the data you most need to protect, and then help you deploy the appropriate systems to ensure it stays safe. Bottomline… We design high-performance networks to help you efficiently run and grow your business.

Not sure what your networking needs are? Consider a System Assessment from INS. Our assessment can help you uncover potential problems before they become more costly issues. Call INS today for complete networking installation and management services.

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