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Nework Installation and ManagementNetwork Installation and Management
One of the major challenges faced by network engineers today is ensuring that network designs will provide the speed and reliability for today’s needs and for years to come.  INS will help take the “risks” out of the network design. The proper design and implementation will allow for infrastructure reliability, performance, and future growth.  INS provides structured cabling for; data, voice, security, cctv, audio, and more..

Secure ConnectivitySecure Connectivity Between Office and Mobile Users
Today’s technologies allows for seamless connectivity between offices and/or mobile users.  Point-to-point and VPN services provide wide area network connectivity for your entire organization as if it was located together in one central facility. In addition, home offices and mobile users can connect into the same systems and services utilized at the office. The world is now one seamless network and Integrated Network Systems can help you utilize the great advantages of these technologies.

Wireless NetworkingWireless Networking
The first step of mobile connectivity starts with wireless communication. Wireless connectivity can be established within the walls of a facility or provided to an outdoor wide coverage area. Wireless can also be utilized through cellular connectivity by all major cell phone providers. Users can literally travel in their cars and have continuous connectivity to their office resources.  If your company has the need to become mobile, INS can provide you several affordable secured solutions to meet your needs.

Internet ConnectivityInternet Connectivity with Virus Filtering, User Level Service Limitation, and Auditing
Along with providing all levels and types of internet services, INS can implement systems to limit access, track users, and provide real time Virus and Trojan protection to the information coming into your office network.

Virus and Firewall ProtectionVirus and Firewall Protection 
With any great advancements in technologies there are individuals who have utilized these systems to bring harm and aggravation to others. Now that companies and users are connected on a global scale it is imperative to protect your information and computer systems. INS can evaluate and design all levels of protection that your company needs.  In all cases it is significantly more affordable to implement preventative measures of safety than it is to simply assume you will not be affected and clean up the aftermath of an attach.

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