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Panorama presentation, technology transition, a review of the "black technology" of the Spring Festival Gala

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The Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals for people all over the country and Chinese people all over the world.
The most important thing on New Year's Eve is to call on your mobile phone, grab red envelopes and watch the Spring Festival Gala.
The way to pay New Year greetings has changed from letters to WeChat, and the red envelope from the elders has become an online game.

In fact, the gala is also changing.
More and more stars are popular among young people, and the format of the Spring Festival Gala is getting younger and cooler.
The Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox is not so much a festival of literature and art for the whole nation, but rather a training and practice of cutting-edge "black technology" in the field of media.
For example, AI+VR naked eye 3D shooting, panoramic free-angle shooting, interactive camera control technology, make the construction and interpretation of images more colorful;
For example, 4K intelligent live broadcast, "VR video + 3D sound" live broadcast, 8K Ultra HD channel live broadcast, achieved a number of breakthroughs in the field of broadcast.

"Special effects shot" from the free perspective of "space-time condensation"

When Wu Jing skillfully waves Tai Chi on the stage, the 4K Ultra HD free camera video fully shows his martial arts master's style of combining strength and softness and releasing freely.
When the vigorous boxers jump as high as spring onion on the dry land, the vigorous and fierce Shaolin Boxing, both inside and outside, is fully displayed under the 360-degree camera.
When a "chivalry girl" in red flies through the sky and her skirt flips, the artistic beauty of hanging hair in the sky is vividly displayed by the rotating camera.
When the flipping board writhing actors were thrown high again and again, flipping in the air, "space-time condensation" Angle of view omni-directional freeze their every stretch of relaxation moment...

Scene after scene of wonderful panoramic free Angle lens, so that the audience can fully appreciate the stage performers dazzle "technology" peak moment, enjoy the martial arts world only beautiful picture scroll.

The 2021-02-11 211223

According to the program design of the Spring Festival Gala in 2021, this system, built by the China Media Group in collaboration with Huawei, consists of 100 4K cameras, which form two shooting arrays: a ring and a spiral. It can shoot the actors in the program in 360 degrees around, while the director can bring continuous videos to the audience from any Angle.
The technical difficulty can be imagined, and it is not as simple as "piling material".

The free view application of this year's Spring Festival Gala can be seen as the continuous deepening of CCTV's ultra-high definition scene application -- from single or several channels of ultra-high definition video to hundreds of streams, from fixed one or several channels of ultra-high definition view to 360 degrees of free rotation view;
On the other hand, more importantly, it not only shows the transfer form (e.g., 5 g/F5G / 8 k + 4 k returned), and shows the present form (e.g., more than 5 g/F5G + perspective), and martial arts, acrobatics, this kind of natural need to dazzle "skill", need to use technology to present the details of the performance achieved mastery, further to be an integral part of the program, create added value for show.

It can be said that this form of program has broken through the traditional lens space-time language: in the past, TV programs can only leave us a picture;
Now, what the free view leaves is a scene, a space made up of an infinite number of images.
Both the director and the audience can use their own perspective to recreate the same event and express different meanings.
This will be the deepest reform for media and communication, and its significance is self-evident.
When a movie is shot from a free Angle, who is the real "director"?
When a concert is filmed from a free Angle, who is the real "C bit"?

When a media technology is used by CCTV, it usually has a "weathervane" meaning.
From variety entertainment to sports events to large-scale events, free perspective technology is likely to become a hot knife, cutting into the "butter" of media convergence, and exploring a more clear development path from the perspectives of content production, technology evolution, business model and so on.

Live on 8K Ultra HD TV

This year's New Year's Eve, the China Media Group also quietly did something big: the world's first live 8K broadcast on 8K Ultra HD TV channels.
The 10 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jinan, Haikou, Qingdao and Fuzhou have set up 35 8K large screens for people to enjoy. On February 1, the station has launched an 8K Ultra HD TV trial channel on its IP network and 5G network.

Compared to the "serious" HD video standard, 8K video has higher resolution, frame rate and sharpness.
8K HD has 16 times the resolution of "1080P HD."
In recent years, the China Media Group has been using the platform of the Spring Festival Gala to actively display cutting-edge technologies in the media field: 5G transmission will be officially launched in the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, the strategy of "5G+4K/8K+AI" will be established in the 2020 Spring Festival Gala, and the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala will be carried out for the first time in the 8K Ultra HD pilot channel in 2021.
"5G+8K" realizes real-time transmission and content arrangement with high speed and low delay, thus achieving ultra-high-definition and high-rate program production;
In addition, the station has implemented "AI cloud editing", which will reconstruct the production and broadcast mode in the future with a high probability.

When it comes to Ultra HD video, you can't get around coding and patents.
In the past, domestic companies had fewer patents in this field, and related manufacturers had to pay standard patent manufacturers.
If the charging body has not unified the standard price, the manufacturer will also face the situation of the starting price, the situation is very passive.
In order to cope with the passive situation, China has taken out the AVS standard with independent intellectual property rights.
According to CMG Watch, the AVS team consists of a team of 1,000 people from Peking University, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Huawei and other universities, staff organizations and well-known enterprises.
Behind a few short letters of AVS is the gradual effort and struggle for the recognition of China's audio and video standards with independent intellectual property rights:

L In 2002, AVS Working Group was established;

L The first generation of AVS1 was officially released in 2006;

L In 2019, the main station adopted AVS2 national standard to broadcast the National Day 70th anniversary military parade in 4K;

L In February 2021, the AVS3 standard, which is specially applied to 8K ultra high-definition video, was used for the first time for 8K ultra high-definition TV channels of China Media Group.

Spring Festival Gala live move to create an immersive audio-visual experience

Immersive experience is an important highlight of the media innovation of the Spring Festival Gala in 2021.
Desk gala this year for the first time to use "AI + VR glasses-free 3 d studio and interactive control technology innovation program form of photography, reconstructing the traditional stages, break through the limit space and scene, the creative performance" beef up "is adopted the technology, Andy lau recorded by" cloud "to participate in the shows, content is novel cool.

In the Spring Festival Gala of 2021, AR and XR technology will also be integrated into the program. XR technology creates movie-level special effects of space transformation. In the Mojito performed by Jay Chou, XR technology realizes form innovation, alternating the virtual and the real, moving to change the scene, showing vivid and rich content, and bringing the audience an immersive experience.

Interaction forms are rich and diverse to activate multi-screen resonance in the whole scene

Diversified forms of interaction are also the highlights of the media innovation in the Spring Festival Gala of the Head Station in 2021. Many new interactive gameplay is worth paying attention to.
Most of the interactive activities of this year's Spring Festival Gala are focused on official mobile phone clients such as "Central Video" and "CCTV Art". The main interactive forms include co-shooting with frame, VR live broadcasting, 3D sound, 4K projection, multi-subject intelligent tracking, floating window interaction, voice private room, live broadcasting and reward.
These interactions form full use of new technologies, including 4 k and VR live, 3 d sound screen class application are seeing and hearing effect, in tune with the box, the multi-agent intelligent tracking, floating Windows live interaction and exceptional application as part of the entertainment information, voice rooms as part of the real interaction, provide COVID - 19 online interpersonal, epidemic prevention and control under the condition of implicit desk's humanistic care.

Overall, the eight interactive forms of the Spring Festival Gala cover the vast majority of users' usage scenes, providing a multi-terminal, multi-screen collaborative viewing experience, and activating multi-screen resonance in the whole scene.

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