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Six materials of network cable

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Six materials of network cable

1. Four-iron four-aluminum network cable

The four-iron and four-aluminum network cables are of the worst quality, with poor transmission quality and are prone to attenuation. The resistance of 100 meters is about 50Ω, and it can transmit about 60 meters at most.

2. Copper clad copper wire

Copper clad copper wire refers to a layer of oxygen-free copper plated on the outside of the bronze, so it is also called bronze wire. This kind of network cable is generally ignored by everyone, and there are not many people who know it. The conductor of the bronze network cable belongs to the secondary returned copper, which contains a lot of impurities. The resistance of 100 meters is about 40Ω, and it can transmit about 80 meters. It has strong oxidation resistance and long service life.

The resistance of bronze is much higher than that of ordinary copper-plated aluminum and oxygen-free copper, so the effective propagation distance of copper-plated bronze is much less than that of copper-plated aluminum. However, the physical properties of copper are still relatively stable, and it is not easy to oxidize, so the service life is relatively long. Because the surface is plated with a layer of oxygen-free copper, the surface does not see any difference, but when burned, the oxygen-free copper layer on the entire copper surface is It will melt quickly.

3. Copper clad aluminum network cable

The material of the copper-clad network cable is that the copper core is coated with a layer of oxygen-free copper on the surface of the aluminum or aluminum/steel alloy core. Because aluminum is less conductive than copper, the DC resistance of copper-clad aluminum conductors is greater than that of pure copper conductors. If used for power supply, the copper clad aluminum conductor will cause additional power consumption and the voltage will drop more. The resistance of 100 meters is about 28Ω. It is cheap and easy to sell. It can transmit about 100 meters. It has poor oxygen resistance and short service life. The tensile strength of copper-clad aluminum is not as large as that of copper conductors, that is, the tensile strength is low. Do not pull the cable body vigorously during use.

4. high-conductivity aluminum network cable

The high-conductivity aluminum network cable is not only composed of copper and silver, but is actually a high-performance network cable of copper-aluminum-silver alloy, usually also called copper-clad silver. It has the characteristics of small resistance and long transmission. Compared with all copper and iron-aluminum network cables, the resistance is about 20Ω at 100 meters, and it can transmit 120 meters, but it has poor oxidation resistance and short life.

5. Copper clad silver wire

The main material of copper-clad silver mesh cable is imported aluminum, the purity is higher than that of copper-clad aluminum mesh cable and high-conductivity aluminum mesh cable, and the inner and outer wire skins are made of new materials. The resistance of 100 meters is about 15Ω, and it can transmit 150-180 meters, but the resistance to oxygen is poor and the life is not long.

6.oxygen-free copper wire

We can see from the wire skin of the copper core. Generally speaking, the all-copper network cable is the new material for the outer layer, while the oxygen-free copper is the new material for the inner and outer layers. You can check the luster of the thread skin and cut a piece of thread skin to see if it can be thinned. The shiny one is the new material, and the one that can be thinned is the new material. However, the current all-copper network cable also tends to be new inside and outside, so it can only be used as a basic basis.

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