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The difference between different network cable materials

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The difference between different network cable materials

Depending on the material of the network cable, the resistance value will also be different.

1. Copper-clad steel mesh cable:

The power limit of 100 meters is about 75-100 ohms. This god network cable is also the cheapest network cable on the market, and the effect of Dianyang water communication is not very good.

2. Copper-clad aluminum network cable: 

about 24-28 ohms for 100 meters of electric sun is very long because of poor oxidation resistance.

3 copper clad silver network cable:

Copper-clad silver network cable is also called high-conductivity aluminum network cable. The material is purer than copper-clad aluminum, and the resistance is about 15 ohms at 100 meters. This type of network cable is a new type of network cable, and the price is not expensive.

The copper-clad aluminum network cable is several tens of meters away, but the shortcomings are the same as the copper-clad aluminum network cable, the lifespan is not long, the same weakness, and the oxidation resistance is poor.

4. Copper-clad copper network cable: 

The resistance of this type of network cable is not small. The resistance value of 100 meters is about 42 ohms. The Internet performance is average, but it has strong oxidation resistance and has a longer service life than copper-clad aluminum.


5. Oxygen-free copper network cable: 

The resistance of oxygen-free copper network cable is the smallest, and the resistance at 100 meters is about 9.5 ohms. This network cable is the best performing network cable on the market.

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