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What are the characteristics of the drop cable?

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What are the characteristics of the drop cable

The drop cable is also known as the indoor hanging wiring optical cable. What are the characteristics of the drop cable? In the optical fiber access project, the indoor wiring close to the user is a complicated process. The bending characteristics and compressive strength characteristics of the basic indoor optical cable The requirements of FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) indoor wiring cannot be considered. As everyone knows, the drop cable is used as a new type of product, not only the price is reasonable, but also the product quality is quite good compared to other products.

The outer diameter of the new drop cable is small, light in weight, and convenient for users to construct the foundation, so that the retraction of the casing can be alleviated. The control of the excess fiber length remains stable. After the cable, the expansion attenuation of the optical fiber is close to zero, and the dispersion value does not change. In addition, the small size of the optical cable is more conducive to the end of the wiring project. The new type of drop cable is a flat structure design, mainly composed of two optical fibers and two parallel high-strength components. It is easy to peel off. It can be installed and used, and the operation method is simple and convenient.

The strength members of the drop cable are generally divided into two categories: metal strength members and non-metal strength members. The metal reinforced core is suitable for outdoor use, and can also carry the load capacity of the optical fiber cable. If the product quality of the metal reinforcement is too poor, it will cause damage to the optical fiber cable and cause waste. The non-metallic reinforcement is suitable for indoor use. To protect the optical fiber, if the quality of the non-metallic reinforcement product is not good, the optical cable may be lost, and the drop cable should be replaced in severe cases. In a word, no matter which type of the strength member of the sheathed optical cable is adopted, it will play a role in the installation and application of the sheathed optical cable.

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