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ZTE released the whole house fiber network series new products

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ZTE has released a new generation of all-optical fiber networking products, the all-optical gateway F4606P/F7606P and the optical router Z6620, which have significantly improved network speed, Wi-Fi coverage and design.
The release of this series of new products marks another important breakthrough for ZTE in the commercial field of whole-house optical fiber, which will fully facilitate all-optical home deployment.

Different from the traditional home networking scheme, whole-house fiber networking replaces the transmission medium from the network cable to optical fiber, and the all-optical gateway and optical router are connected through optical fiber to realize the "light speed" dialogue.
Compared with network cable, optical fiber has the advantages of long life, low price, long transmission distance, no upper limit of transmission rate and so on, and solves the bottleneck of home network wiring in one step.
In addition, the new generation of all-optical fiber networking equipment is further upgraded. The all-optical gateway supports 10,000MB access, the F4606P uplink interface is 10G EPON, and the F7606P is XG PON. The downlink is equipped with 3 GE optical network ports and 1 GE photoelectric Combo network ports, providing users with sufficient choices.
The all-optical gateway and optical router both support 160MHz bandwidth Wi-Fi 6 technology, and the measured cable and Wi-Fi speed reaches gigabit. Through Easymesh networking, one network and millisecond-level intelligent roaming can be realized in the whole house, which provides sufficient guarantee for online games, real-time broadcast, network classroom and other applications with high bandwidth and low delay, and meets the "true gigabit" requirements of the whole house.
At the same time, this series of new products supports super wide indoor coverage with more than one wall. With ER+DCM technology, the ability to penetrate the wall is greatly improved, so that every room can receive Wi-Fi signal stably.

In December of 2020, China unicom, liaocheng branch together with zte whole house optical fiber network commercial technology scheme and packages, limited experience at the invitation of the shandong liaocheng broadband users by fiber "home" to "fiber + whole house home wi-fi + experience" whole house intelligence upgrade, make optical fiber to each room of the family, the wi-fi is ubiquitous in the family.
At present, the whole-house fiber optic networking scheme has been piloted and commercialized in more than ten provinces, and has the capability of large-scale deployment.
In the future, ZTE will continue to actively explore in the field of whole-house optical fiber, extensively work with industry partners to promote the commercialization of whole-house optical fiber networking solutions, and build a new future of smart home.

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