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Pre-strand Gripper Vibration Dampers


Product name

    Prestrand gripper types of vibration dampers


  The pre-twisted splint anti-vibration hammer is an improved version of the ordinary SH4D anti-vibration hammer, and its anti-vibration characteristics are the same as that of the ordinary SH4D anti-vibration hammer.




  Using pretwisted wire as clamping part, the clamping is firm, stable, safe and reliable.It can avoid the displacement of anti-shock hammer caused by the loosening of aluminum splint for a long time, especially when the inclination of cable is large.Pretwisted wire clamp is adopted, and the protective wire is exempted. The structure is simple, the installation is quick and convenient, and no tools are needed.


  It is composed of anti-shock hammer and clamping prestrand.


Model NO Frequency range Refer to pretwisted wire(mm) Structure Revaluation
4D20 6Hz~150Hz 500 Harrow type 1.4
4D30 6Hz~150Hz 500 Harrow type 2.5
4D40 6Hz~150Hz 500 Harrow type 4.7



Electric cable fitting Prestrand gripper type vibration damper double groove ground clamps



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