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what is the difference between Fiber Optical cable and Network cable ?

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what is the difference between Fiber Optical cable and Network cable ?


Optical fiber cable and Network cable are both encountered in the weak current project of the project. Although they are both weak current system wires, the difference between the two is still large. So what is the difference between Fiber Optical fiber cable and Network cable ? What are the differences?

Optical fiber cable and Network cable are used as wires for two different circuit applications. The difference between optical fiber cables and network cables is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Different in nature

Optical fibercable and Network cable have different properties, but they are essentially different. Optical fiber is abstract concepts and are a type of dynamic information transmission rate; while Network cable is a type of medium, which is the carrier of information transmission data.

2. Different functions

The function of the fiber optic cable is to better accelerate the transmission of network information with different data; the network cable is used to access devices and improve the data efficiency of network information transmission between devices.

3. Different forms of existence

Optical fiber cables and network cables exist in different forms. Optical fiber cables exist in a virtual form without physical objects; while network cables are real cables with concrete objects.

4. Different application scenarios

Optical fiber cable is mainly used in optical fiber broadband communication, which can bring interactive multimedia information of view, picture, communication and information to customers. For example: work meeting video, Internet interactive games, remote video monitoring, etc. The network cable is used to access machinery and equipment, mainly used for project wiring, network connection, and access to the machine and equipment port system. For example: switches, hubs, firewalls and other machine equipment.

5. Different transmission rates

Category 7 cable with better network cable, its transmission data frequency is at least 500MHz, which is more than twice that of Category 6 cable and Category 6 super cable, and the transmission rate reaches 10Gbps. Optical fiber is the fastest medium for data transmission at this stage, which can reach 40G-100G.

6. Different data transmission distances

The transmission data distance of network line theory is only within 100 meters; the transmission data distance of optical fiber line: 10-20km with single-mode fiber for 100base-fx single-mode module, 2km for 100basefx multi-mode module with multi-mode fiber, when using single-mode fiber Up to 3km.

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